You Now Have The Right To Die

You Now Have The Right To Die

Produced by Anjini Taneja Azhar
A family exercising their right to South Korea's "Well-Dying" law shares what freedom of death means


Social Issues, Culture, Docu-Fiction, Human Rights, and Politics

So far, 35,431 South Koreans have chosen to die.

The "Dying-Well" law was passed February 4th of 2018 in South Korea, where terminally ill patients would finally have the right to choose to opt out of life-prolonging treatment. Patients have chosen to "die with dignity" rather than suffer in a state of barely being alive.

And we're going to cover the human beings that are choosing to die.

As we follow a family who is exercising this new right to pass on their own terms, we learn what it means to die freely and obtain the freedom of choice from a demographic that is hardly represented in the media with their own voice.

This is a story about liberation for those who have patiently waited so long for it. Only  this is a different kind of liberation; It is deeper than the right to live. It is the freedom of choice. It is the right to die.

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  • Anjini Taneja Azhar ... Producer, Co-Director, Co-Writer
  • Kai Pacifico Eng ... Co-Director, Co-Writer

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South Korea
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Seoul, South Korea

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