Christine Tournadre

Paris, France


After completing a Master in Sociology and Film Studies in France, Christine had the opportunity to live in 5 different and exciting cities in various parts of the world: Edinburgh (Scotland), Moscow (Russia), Bogotá (Colombia), New York (USA) and Jakarta (Indonesia), over a period of 15 years. A gold mine to work on her favorite center of interest: sociology and cinema. Visual Art teacher, festival producer, fixer for French productions, short film producer, member of the NY Film Festival jury, and finally, after studying at the New York University, documentary film director were her various professional experiences along the years. In 2008, Christine signed her first long feature documentary (52’ and 75’) : Home Delivery, an intimate and passionate movie on the practice of homebirth in New York City. (see more on www.homedelivery-themovie.com, Executive Production : Speakeasydocs and Eklektik. Broadcast : RTBF, VRT, Noga, ETV). In 2010, comes an other documentary (52’) : Papouasie, enfer et contre tout (Papua, expedition in Green Hell), the story of an epic Franco-Indonesian expedition in charge of analyzing biodiversity in the most remote parts of Papua’s primary forests. An amazing adventure shot in very difficult conditions. Selected so far at the following festivals: Les Ecrans de l’Aventure (Dijon November 2010), Festival du film scientifique de Bruxelles (March 2011), Festival international Aventures et Découverte (Val d’Isère April 2011), Festival du film scientifique de l’Ile de la Réunion (April 2011), International film festival TUR Ostrava (April 2011 Czech Republic). Executive Production : Gedeon Programmes, IRD (Institute of Research for Development). Broadcast : Planète, Planète Thalassa, Canal + Overseas, TV5 Monde. She now works on the development of three new documentary projects with three French producers : la Compagnie des Phares et Balises, Master Images and Bienvenue production