Billy George Williams


Public bio

I was born with club feet, deaf in both ears, and border line retardation.  Taken out of my home by social service, and taken to residential school, only to be rejected by them, because of my deficits.  Made ward of the courts, and put into foster care, only to be kicked out at the age of 13.  Put on independent living, two weeks after I went for a walk one Sunday afternoon, I stopped to rest on a bench and to reflect on life.  A van pulls up to ask for directions, I tell him which way he is to go, and he drives off.  He stops to backup to where I was, and asked if I could show him.  Mistake!  I said I would if he drops me off, and he promises to do that, but instead he kidnapped me, drove me up into a mountain to rape me, and almost killed me, left me for dead up in the mountains stark naked.  I walked back home, on my way home there was a wild animal lurking through the bushes staring at me, but he didn't attack me.  Thank God, probably because I was too skinny.  When I got home, I had people help me phone the police, and they came over to get a report from me.  They found the guy about two weeks later, getting ready to leave town.  I was summoned to court, so that I could identify the guy, and when it came time to go up to the witness stand, I had to walk past the guy, and he said that he didn't kill me up in the mountains, but he will kill me when he get's out of jail.  The guy only got five years, and with good behavior, he was out in three years.  That put me at sixteen years old, and I live my life in fear.  I couldn't live my life in fear any more.  When I got married at age forty, I told my wife what I just told you, she said that I was the most amazing person.  I said that I had to go to the mountains to forgive the guy, because at the time the guy did this, he was an older guy.  So I said that he had passed on, and when I got to the mountains, I stretched out my hand in peace, and said: "I forgive you, and I let you go."  Today I run a film company, and I'm working on a project of the indigenous people's success stories.  Want to join?