Susanne Brandstaetter


Public bio

Free lance author, director, producer Susanne Brandstätter was born and grew up in Los Angeles. Studied art and French literature in Los Angeles and Paris, where she lived for six years. Moved to the south of Austria in ‘75. She started working as a steady free-lancer for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) in 1983, produced and narrated a live weekly radio programme for seven years, made numerous TV shorts and then began making in-house TV documentaries in 1987 on a regular basis. At the same time, she wrote and published short stories and poetry, created, organized and managed festivals for ORF, created and coordinated exhibitions. From '96 on, she decided to devote herself solely to documentaries. 2002 she became an independent filmmaker and producer. 2002/3 she attended the Eurodoc Production program and in 2005 the Discovery Campus Masterschool. Her first production as a free-lance filmmaker, “Checkmate”, about the Romanian revolution, had its premiere at the IDFA Amsterdam (Silver Wolf Competition) and also earned a ROMY, which was awarded her in 2005. Susanne Brandstätter lives and works in Vienna, Austria.