Stéphane M. Grueso

Madrid, Spain


Spanish documentary filmmaker working at elegant mob films - emf Spanish documentary film / TV non fiction series / TV program production company. Please check our website for more infos on us and our work: www.elegantmob.net emf was born of the desire to bring together kin wills within the documentary and cinema fields. People often bond by their eagerness to deepen our understanding of all those affairs that affect us as persons and materialize in an unjust and imperfect world. emf has no pretensions to change by itself the dominant reality but instead, to shed light over and create a domain for news and art, that will otherwise go unnoticed to the omnipotent media corporations. We consider ourselves free agents of the objective reality, and the outcome of our work will always be a subjective view of that oftentimes-muted reality. Since the late 80's, we have generated fictional and documentary audiovisual creations that aim to be a forewarning, a reminder that we are not alone in our dominant metropolises made out of glass and cars, but a part of a greater human network made of different, complex and unique creatures.