Sara Maamouri


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Sara Maamouri is a documentary filmmaker and editor who has explored a diverse range of topics for over 15 years. Her work has touched on social, educational and political issues, from former enemies bound together through loss and discovery (In This Waiting, 2011) to rebuilding a life in a former war zone (Amal's Garden, 2012) and reinventing a country as the world watches (A Revolution in Four Seasons, Hot Docs 2016). Most recently, she edited and co-produced The Judge (directed by Erika Cohn) which premiered at TIFF in 2017. She is currently editing and producing We Are Not Princesses, a documentary about Syrian women refugees living in Beirut who find community, laughter and healing through a production of Sophocles' Antigone. and A multi-lingual Tunisian educated in New York and California, Maamouri brings international sensitivity to her editing, production and story development, while building transmedia narratives to enhance and further engage a constantly evolving audience base.