Sheri Candler

Los Angeles, California, United States


Sheri Candler is a digital marketing strategist and digital media buyer. She is the Manager, Audience Engagement for KCET/Link TV/PBS Socal, a flagship PBS station in Los Angeles, where she uses a data-informed approach to publishing on social media platforms to help promote broadcast programming viewership, creates and distributes digital only programs for social media and expands the reach of the media group into local communities. She has also worked on social media campaigns for many independent films including "Paint It Black" (Amber Tamblyn, 2017), “Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance” (PBS American Masters episode), and “Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story" (Cannes 2016, TCM national broadcast 2017) and "Intelligent Lives" (Dan Habib, 2018).