Susannah Heath-Eves


Public bio

Susannah Heath-Eves is a Canadian documentary filmmaker based in Montreal and Mumbai. She grew up in Calgary, but moved to Ottawa to study English Literature and get her Masters in Broadcast Journalism at Carleton University. After a year in news and current affairs at the CBC in Toronto and Ottawa, she moved to Montreal to pursue documentary filmmaking. There, she joined the team at EyeSteelFilm for three years, where she acted as a Production Supervisor, Line Producer and Editor on two projects: the Blue Water Project, a web series on fresh water conservation projects, in collaboration with CloudRaker; and on The Fruit Hunters, directed by Yung Chang, a feature film and two-episode TV series for CBC's The Nature of Things, in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada. Since wrapping the Fruit Hunters, Susannah's been freelancing with independent producers and teams such as the Thomson Reuters Foundation's doc unit, and is currently finishing up her first feature documentary, Jugaad (Makeshift), an immersive exploration of urban survival and the human spirit in Mumbai.