Shaun Drew


Public bio

SHAUN DREW is an award-winning composer, producer and arranger of distinction. His multi-colored and modern sound palette is marked with sophistication and maturity, and by an ability to harmoniously balance technical prowess with an emotive, often spiritual quality. Shaun recently composed over 80-minutes of original music for Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics, for Warner Brothers and Oscar-nominated producers Sean Welch and Jeff Blitz (Spellbound-documentary). Greg Noveck (RED) also acted as a producer on the project. Shaun also recently completed Chamaco, a feature-length drama starring Martin Sheen and Michael Madsen (Maya). The film had a limited US theatrical release, and was exhibited for two weeks at the Chinese theater in Hollywood, before making its way to the shelves of Blockbuster Video, Target, Wal-Mart and other retailers. Stylistically, Shaun’s work can often be characterized as a lush combination of orchestral, rock and ambient electronica. In 2007 he released his first solo project, The Great Dissolve, which Billboard staff writer Susanne Ault described as “a powerful cascade of melody,” and which Music Connection Magazine compared to the work of legendary composers Brian Eno and Wendy Carlos. For this effort, Shaun was honored as a finalist at the Independent Music Awards. Shaun’s diverse slate of projects to date has also included a national multi-ad campaign for Skil Power Tools; his music also appeared throughout the final two seasons of the Lifetime Network show Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead. Other reality show stints have included I Know my Kid’s a Star, and Confessions of a Teen Idol for VH1, and currently, Shankly Productions’ Ultimate Hollywood Countdown, a 13-episode celebrity based comedy news magazine, for which Shaun is the main composer. Shaun worked on Michael Waxman’s directorial debut, a short film called Prank Call. Michael was the co-producer of Michael Mann’s blockbuster films Heat, Ali and the Insider. Other directors Shaun has worked with include Kyle Newman (Fanboys) and Dave Meyers (The Hitcher). Shaun has worked directly for large corporations such as Yahoo, Microsoft and British Telecom, doing ads and in-house music production and sound work. Additionally, Shaun enjoys working with various Los Angeles based rock/pop and classical recording artists and bands in the studio.