Sharon Mullally

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Sharon Mullally is an Emmy Award winning independent producer/director and editor whose work regularly appears on local and national public television. Sharon began her career with 10 years in staff positions at broadcast television stations in Philadelphia and Baltimore. She left the commercial broadcast world to pursue freelance media work. In 2015, Sharon directed three films on Pope Francis's visit to Philadelphia, packaged as the commemorative DVD of the events. Other recent work includes VOICES ACROSS THE DIVIDE (Alice Rothchild, Director), MRS. GOUNDO’S DAUGHTER (Attie & Goldwater Productions, 2009), FIRST PERSON (Benjamin Herold, Director, 2008), CINE Golden Eagle and UNAFF Stanford Editing Award-winning documentary ROSITA (Attie & Goldwater Productions, 2005), REUNION: A DECADE OF SOLAS concert DVD (SolasMusic.com). Mullally has been a board member and workshop leader for PIFVA (Philadelphia Independent Film/Video Association) and an instructor/facilitator at Scribe Video Center. Her editorial work has appeared in the SILVERDOCS Film Festival, the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, the DoubleTake Documentary Festival, and the Philadelphia Festival of Independents.