Susan Brand

London, United Kingdom


I am a documentary editor and story consultant, fascinated by storytelling. I find documentary editing dynamic and exciting. This is where the storytelling really happens. The kind of documentary editing I like best is extrovert. Editing is about style, pace and mood. It can be mysterious, it can be overt, but it is never neutral; editing always has a stance. I worked in documentary editing in New York for six years, 1997 - 2003. The Americans are very visual people and excellent visual storytellers. This was a great education for me. Europeans are more literary, more verbal when they tell stories. Films I have edited include: Award winning science series 'What We Still Don't Know'; cult film 'The Man Who Ate His Lover' and numerous independent films including 'Hip Hop Hijabis' and 'From Buddhist Monk to Rockstar'. I also directed BBC documentary 'Unorthodox Vows' about getting married in religiously divided currently editing a feature doc, 'The Lost Master' and story consulting on another 'Whose Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?'