Rebecca Romani

San Diego, California, United States


I am based in Southern California but am available also for outside region work. My writing on film has appeared internationally (Cineaste, IPS.org, etc) and several of my own docs have shown in festivals internationally as well (Poets Without Borders, Si le Maroc m'etait conte). I have worked in broadcast news as a video news editor (primetime), and I have freelanced stories for on-line news and radio (KPBS) on subjects from writers to Iraqi refugees voting. I just finished editing a short (9 mon) for the Center for World Music and am looking to move on to other projects. I've lived in France and Morocco and traveled through Europe and Taiwan.


Latest: Field Producer: San Diego Open CIty project (Maker's Movement), Jeffrey Burras, Director/producer


           Editor: Funding Documentary for Center for World Music, San Diego, CA

            Wallpaper Reel (loop): Vanguard Culture

            PR: PLACAS: the Most Dangerous Tatoo (theatre) by Paul Flores (San Diego, CA)

            Variousfilm reviews, director interviews KPBS.org