Roxanne Ducharme

El Valle De Anton, Panama


Roxanne Ducharme is an award-winning Animator, Art Director and Illustrator with over three decades of experience in the entertainment industry.

In England, she contributed to the animated feature film AMERICAN TAIL II: FIEVEL GOES WEST, produced by Steven Spielberg, and in Paris, to the feature-length ASTERIX AND THE BIG FIGHT. She was involved in the popular children's program Arthur in Montreal, which won three Daytime Emmy® Awards.

Her contributions as an animator, art director and illustrator in documentary films include - but are not limited to - opening sequences, closing credits, transitions and storyboards. Additionally, her illustrations have formed part of animated documentary segments for the Science Channel, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

Embracing the forefront of animation, she brings a fresh perspective to the industry, blending traditional artistry with the latest AI technologies to craft visually stunning and innovative cinematic experiences.