Rich Brimer

Carmel, California, United States

Film Projects


I am a native California artist who is first and foremost a storyteller. As I develop a story, it is my connections with the community that inform my work. Whether with filmmaking, visual art or spoken word, I often collaborate with others to create multi-faceted opportunities to engage the viewer and foster an environment for open dialogue. I am compelled to expose the sometimes complex and hidden parts of society through the simple beauty of a moment, revealing those things that are unjust. This can often be a mirror for the viewer to see himself or herself or the greater society, if they choose to look. Though sometimes unsettling, my desire is to show the sacredness of human life. I am drawn to see each individual on a personal level and to share a glimpse of his or her being. It is my hope that each work can act as a tool for personal empowerment and, in the end, for social transformation.