Rosemary Rotondi


Public bio

Rosemary Rotondi Archival Film, Photo and Network News Research, email: rotondiresearch@nyc.rr.com web: http://www.archivalfilmresearch.com for full resume and updates. Recent documentaries on which I contributed research either as lead researcher or as part of a research team are: Laura Poitras' documentary film, RISK, currently showing on SHOWTIME and free on demand; also on SHOWTIME as well is Doug Tirola/4th Row Films' Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon. Recently NAILA AND THE UPRISING by Julia Bacha, on which I was lead researcher, premiered in DOCNYC. Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio's feature length documentary on climate change named BEFORE THE FLOOD, premiering in the TIFF on September 9, 2016; Laura Poitras' CITIZENFOUR won the Academy Award for Best Documentary on February 22, 2015. I served as C-Span and network news researcher on the film. The film premiered in The New York Film Festival on October 10, 2014. The film is still currently free on demand on HBO. www.citizenfourfilm.com. Released on DVD, Itunes, Amazon was August 21, 2015 is Albert Maysles documentary IRIS. Premiered on October 9, 2014 in The New York Film Festival. This film was released on April 29th and ran to May 28, 2015 at Film Forum and is still playing nationwide and worldwide. Two films on which I served as researcher, Brendan Toller's DANNY SAYS and Jessica Edwards' MAVIS!, premiered in mid-March 2015 in the SXSW Film Festival and DANNY SAYS opened up Lincoln Center’s SOUND AND VISION documentary festival on July 29, 2015. HBO purchased MAVIS! And will show it in February 2016. I worked on four exhibitions as researcher to The American Museum of Natural History for exhibits opening over April 2014-May 2015. On March 14, 2014 Matt Wolf's documentary TEENAGE opened at the NYC Landmark Sunshine Cinema. I served as lead researcher. Now traveling nationwide and overseas. This film was nominated by FOCAL for “Best Use of Archival Footage in a Cinema Release” in May 2015. On HBO nationwide in 2015 was Matt Wolf's documentary, IT'S HILARY: THE MAN WHO DREW ELOISE on which I was lead researcher. See website for more credits and updates.