Lucia Small

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States


Lucia Small has been an independent filmmaker for over 20 years. She co-directed and edited her most recent film, ONE CUT, ONE LIFE (2014), with the late seminal documentarian Ed Pincus (1938-2013). As the "father of first person non-fiction film", Pincus said: "this final project is the culmination of my life's work". Supported by the Sundance Institute and the LEF Foundation, ONE CUT, ONE LIFE premiered at Full Frame Documentary FIlm Festival (2014) and was featured as part of the 52nd New York Film Festival's "spotlight on docs". It is currently being theatrically distributed by First Run Features. Several years earlier, Small and Pincus had first met and teamed up to make THE AXE IN THE ATTIC (2007) about the Diaspora of Hurricane Katrina, a film which brought Pincus out of a twenty-year retirement. Premiering at the The New York Film Festival, and the International Human Rights Watch Film Festival, THE AXE IN THE ATTIC was distributed by IndiePix and The Cinema Guild. Before collaborating with Pincus, Small had produced several independent films, including MY FATHER, THE GENIUS (2002), Small's directorial debut documentary, which won numerous top film festival awards, including "Grand Jury Prizes for the Best Documentary" and "Best Editing" at the Slamdance Film Festival. Broadcast internationally, featured as part of the Sundance Channel’s DOCday series, the film was distributed through New Yorker Films. MY FATHER, THE GENIUS was edited by Karen Schmeer (1970-2010). After Karen was tragically killed in 2010, Small and several close friends formed the Karen Schmeer Editing Fellowship to help keep the memory alive of this talented and beloved member of the documentary community.