Peter Bucknell

New York, New York, United States


I'm a Manhattan based film producer. My work has been commissioned by Audi, Powerbar, Colgate, Elle, Martha Stewart. In 2012/13 I will be shooting with the Panasonic AF100. I've built the New York Video Service from the ground up, developing its client base by becoming known as a reliable film maker: someone who gets the job done right. The Company is small, with most of the work being shot and edited by me, and I bring in team members when required and they are the best I can find. Working regularly since 2004 with ‘real people’ directing them with the lightest touch, I try to ensure that the film making experience is fun for the client, and I encourage my on-camera talent to give their best and most natural delivery. Recently I filmed a series of bite sized interviews with Vanna White in her home. Trained on the job, working with a large scale video company producing videos for large corporations such as Yellow Pages I produced over a hundred videos for them and contributed a large percentage of their music library. I work regularly for the fashion industry in haute couture, hair and makeup, notably for Elle Magazine, LionBrand Yarn and RueLaLa. I stay up with the latest tricks and techniques in viral video marketing, using 15 youtube channels to promote my clients’ videos. Several of his videos are at the million views mark. I've maintained a blog since 2005 which I use to offer tips, interesting information and promote my latest work. I live in Manhattan with my wife RinatShaham.com