Pablo D'Alo Abba

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Born in 1975. In 1998 he graduates as a Film Director at the Professional School of Cinematography, and as a producer and director at the University of Belgrano. In 1992 he begins his professional career as director’s assistant within publicity filmmaking, together with Luis Puenzo. Flehner Films, Cinetauro and Pedro Torres Mexico are only a few of the several production companies where he worked as a director’s first assistant. In 2005 he begins his career as a an advertising and video clip director. So far, he’s worked for clients such as Sony Television, Cartoon Network and Procter & Gamble. He receives awards in Latin-America and the United States. “They come for the gold, they come for it all” his first feature documentary was selected on IDFA 2009. In the mean time is working on the preproduction of his first fiction film called “Por un tiempo” (“For a while”).