Pascui Rivas

Los Angeles, California, United States

Film Projects


Before directing professionally, I worked for a plumbing company; sold ice-cream on a bicycle; and paid for my film studies teaching English as a Second Language, in Argentina. I am also a devoted parent-in-progress who, as a child, was transplanted back and forth from Manhattan to a small town in Córdoba during its worst hyperinflation crisis. 

When I was old enough to get something out of the age-inappropriate foreign films we would watch together with my mother, I understood that moving images —as is also the case with good novels— have the power to provide us with blueprints for behavior that shape our views of the world, and which may offer a way forward through the complexities of everyday life. I found in cinema an outlet to shape and reframe the experiences of uprootedness, uncertainty and loss lived as a child. 

Today, I am a film and commercial director. I’ve made personal documentaries, music videos and over 150 television commercials. I am a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and my work has been honored in Cannes, Cannes Lions, Tribeca, Santa Barbara, the Shanghai International Film Festival; as well as in most Latino film festivals in the US.