delia ackerman

Lima, Peru


Delia Ackerman (Co-Director/Producer) An award-winning filmmaker and Fulbright Scholar, Delia Ackerman was born in Lima where she attended the Jewish School, León Pinelo. She received her Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences at the University of Lima in 1986 and a Masters in Journalism from New York’s Columbia University. She has worked as a journalist for Caretas and América Televisión, collaborated on projects with Time Magazine and National Geographic, and produced documentary miniseries for Channel 9. She has been a consultant, publication editor and video producer for the United Nations and received international acclaim for her independent video productions. She received the 1986 Reader's Digest Prize in for "Runaways" about minors selling themselves on the streets of NY. Her film "Señor de Pachacamac", about the parallel between the pre-Hispanic gods and modern Christian rituals, was awarded Best Short Form Documentary at the 1993 Festival of Shorts in Lima. "The Medicine of Forgiveness" received prizes in Lima, Cusco and Rumania for its portrayal of the sacred role of ayahuasca in the Amazon. Her documentary about Holocaust survivors who settled in Peru, "Seeking the Light", was awarded Special Jury Prize at the 2006 Latin America cinema and Video Festival in Buenos Aires. And also a longer version (2008). In 2008 "The King of the Desert is Dying" won the Environmental Award at the 2008 Cusco International Short Film Festival for its look at the ecological and cultural role of the endangered guarango tree in the southern deserts of Peru. It also won the Document Art award at the 2009 International film Festival in Romania. "Mother Sea", about the Peruvian Sea, the most fertile of the world, but since the development of the industrial fishing the biomass has begun to decrease in a dramatic way and is also used as rubbish dump (2011).