Andrew Bateman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Andrew is a documentary and experimental filmmaker whose work moves outward from the core belief that love is a dynamic and complex force of human action. As an activist in Denver, Colorado at the turn of the 21st Century he co-founded Breakdown Book Collective and Community Space, which consistently won “Best of Denver” awards from Westword. While an undergraduate in 1999, he made his first documentary – a critical look at the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, Washington, and has since continued to make work on social justice issues, including access to health care for low income New Mexicans, an educational video exploring the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and a series of videos used by people with developmental disabilities in helping to obtain employment. He is currently finishing a feature length documentary entitled Roy: Dream Catcher, and is in preproduction for a documentary exploring the intersection of farm workers and the drug war. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys making music videos. His current projects and work samples can be seen at www.pabloagua.com. Andrew holds a MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, a MA in American Studies from the University of New Mexico, and a BA in Political Science from Metropolitan State College of Denver.