Erik A Olson

Concord, North Carolina, United States


Erik Olson is an accomplished Director of Photography and Camera Operator for feature film, documentary and reality television markets. With credits for DCI (HDTheater/Discovery Studios/TLC), Rysher Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, CBS, Speed and MagRack among others, he specializes in hand-held and crane-based high-definition photography. Certified by Panavision as a 1st AC, Erik has operated or assisted on VistaVision, Panaflex and Arriflex systems. In addition to his background in cinematography, Erik has extensive experience in many aspects of documentary, feature, reality and special effects production. His most recent list of credits is included below. To contact Erik for your next project, please email him directly or contact him through IMDBPro http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm2021332/