Angelo Mancuso

Rochester, New York, United States


Angelo Mancuso began his career as an actor and apprentice at Theatre West in LA in 1982. Working both in front of and behind the camera on numerous projects, including writing, producing and directing features, commercials, PSAs and short films, Mancuso manifests a distinct edge and perspective into the world of filmmaking. As an accredited member of the Toronto International Film Festival Press Corp, reporting live from the festival and covering film for stations including CBS Radio in Buffalo and WCMF Rochester, New York he provides a unique insight into the world of film. A uniquely gifted, multi-talented artist, Mancuso has also assisted production teams with three feature film projects including the Sundance Film Festival selection AFTER IMAGE starring John Mellencamp. Between 2006 and 2008 he wrote, produced and directed a compelling documentary titled American Harvest about value and relationship between the American farmer and the mostly illegal migrant workers who harvest their crops. Mancuso is developing documentary films and continues to write and direct both fictional narrative films and music sometimes combining both crafts into one project. Accompanied by his songwriting partner Olivier Scoazec, the lead guitarist for Buckwheat Zydeco, he wrote the original theme song “Live for Livin” for his current documentary project AMERICAN HARVEST as well as the score for the soundtrack. Partial Filmography: SKILLS FOR LIVING (Boy Scouts of America) 2007 & 2009 documentary PSA AMERICAN HARVEST 2008 documentary CHERRY CRUSH 2006 feature CHECKOUT 2002 feature ONE THOUSAND WORDS 2002 short AFTER IMAGE 2000 feature AMERICAN HARVEST is an award winning non-partisan agricultural-immigration documentary shot over six months covering over 15,000 miles across the U.S. and Mexico. In Development Received “Letter of Encouragement” from the Dept. of the Army to embed and produce OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (Agriculture Development Teams - Afghanistan) a patriotic look at the good men and women who serve in the U.S. Army that are fighting to defend our freedom. “The deeper you look, the more you see.”