Nick Nummerdor

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Nick works as a freelance director, editor, and videographer. A native of Muskegon, Michigan and a graduate of Columbia College, he studied documentary directing and editing at the prestigious Michael Rabiger Documentary Center while working his way through college as a bowling mechanic. Upon graduation, he couch surfed through Europe with a skateboard and camera in tow. In 2008, inspired by his internship at Kartemquin Films, Nick created the Chicago Youth Skateboard Project, a non-profit organization that gives away free skateboards to inner city children and produces the "Skateboard Jam" at Lollapalooza every summer. Nick continues to build a reputation for his film making on the web. In the summer of 2009, he completed his most ambitious project to date- the comedy web series “Hot Rod Hearts.” He is currently pursuing a variety of projects ranging from documentaries to short film scripts. Nick eats pizza and hot dogs every week in Chicago with his wife, Karli, their dog, and two obese cats.