Natalie Picoe

Nyc, New York, United States


Natalie Picoe has extensive experience as a producer/director and actress. She has had principal roles on “Law & Order,” “EXILED,” (M.O.W.) and has recorded numerous national voice-overs. She has also acted in regional theater and holds an MFA in Theatre from Florida State University. In addition to directing her first feature doc. Strike Dice! Betting on my Father, Picoe has produced several short documentaries for NBC Universal TV/Italy (Studio Universal). Titles include Comics & Cinema about the legendary alliance between comic books and movies with Stan Lee (Spider Man) and Frank Miller (Sin City), 80’s Mania about the “Brat Pack” actors with 80’s era celebrities Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, Mare Winningham and others, and Hollywood 10, about blacklisted writers and directors such as Walter Bernstein and Norma Barzman. She worked with Oscar-nominated director Oren Jacoby, (Sister Rose’s Passion) on his feature length documentary entitled Constantine’s Sword, based on the award-winning book by James Carroll. A native of South Carolina, Picoe lives and works in New York City.