Nancy Porter

Lexington, Massachusetts, United States


Staff Producer/Director: WGBH-TV 1970-1981 (75 short films for ZOOM, numerous PBS documentaries for series and as specials) NOVA Staff Producer, 1985-1992 Independent Producer, 1981-1985, 1992 to present (as Nancy Porter Productions, Inc.) NOVA Producer/Director/Writer: High Tech Babies, Can you still Get Polio?, Will Venice Survive its Rescue?, Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrools, The Most Dangerous Woman in America (nominated for 2005 Emmy for best historical documentary) American Experience Producer/Director/Writer: Amelia Earhart, The Wright Stuff, Houdini, Alone on the Ice American Masters Producer/Director: Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women Awards: Emmy, Emmy nomination, 3 Cine Gold Eagles, Gold Medals Houston Film Festival, American Film Festival blue Ribbon and many others