Michael Pfaendtner

Macomb, Michigan, United States


Michael Pfaendtner is an Avid editor living and working in the Detroit area. His interest in nonfiction film goes back over twenty-five years to 1979 when he made his first documentary; a college film entitled Auction Sale. Since then, he has independently produced documentaries on a variety of offbeat and unusual topics. "All Sales Final" documented the annual convention held by the Michigan Funeral Directors Association, while "Roadside Attractions" paid a visit to Prehistoric Gardens, the self-proclaimed "Greatest Dinosaur Park in the World!" "Iwo Jima Diary: an illustrated oral history of one of World War II's most ferocious battles," is his most ambitious project to date, taking almost two years to complete. Most recently, he completed "Texas Hospitality," a documentary short examining the final meal requests of ten executed offenders.