Michael Barnard


Public bio

Michael R. Barnard -- In pursuit of opportunities as a writer, producer, and director. All of my life, from high school, I have been a writer. I was editor of our school newspaper, and my first job was at the local newspaper. I began working in television and radio while still in high school. Eventually, I became Production Manager at a major-market broadcast television station and helped put it on the air. After that, I went independent and wrote, produced, and directed many TV programs, corporate videos, music videos, printed collateral, and other projects. A couple of my scripts attracted the attention of Hollywood in the mid-’80s, and I moved out to Hollywood from Minneapolis at the invitation of WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY. The agency liked my spec script for the great old TV series MOONLIGHTING, a script that series head writer Jeff Reno liked and forwarded to the agency for consideration. My spec was WE DON’T DO NO GHOSTS However, the series famously self-imploded at that time, before anything could happen for me. As an independent Writer|Producer|Director in Hollywood, I evaluated, pursued, acquired and also wrote several projects for production. In 2006, I was Co-Producer (and several other positions) of the indie feature film COLLIER & CO.–HOT PURSUIT! starring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville). We set up a platform theatrical run for it, with 35mm prints. In 2011, I wrote a love story, the novel NATE AND KELLY. It’s a Western set in the 1915, during the collision of automobiles and horses, progress and “the old ways,” political savvy and entrenched bigotry. NATE AND KELLY, available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’m also returning to my roots in television, seeking to develop new projects for cable TV and broadcast networks. As for me personally, I now live in Brooklyn, New York, where I’m wildly careening through life simply trying to find love, leaving in my wake tremendous emotional detritus. I try hard to think like someone intelligent, but it hurts my brain. I hope to make it big and become a superstar. Or not.