María Isabel Keogh Serrano

Barcelona, Spain

Film Projects


Filmmaking to me is a way of existing with and for the world. Barcelona is the 12th city I live in. My parents come from different countries and I’ve lived in four. I’ve been attuned to shifting perspectives and feelings.  I’ve also been uprooted in painful ways. Like it happens to so many of us. 

My searching for beauty through making art is tied to the storms in our lives.  Even in our most painful experiences we can find a way of redeeming them into something beautiful. This potential that we have of transmuting inspires me to storytelling.

I seek to cultivate with others a Kosmocentric world. The philosopher Simone Weil, wrote about the human need to feel rooted.  We know from neuroscience that stories can synchronize our heart rates and connect us. 

I am here to find other filmmakers to bring meaningful projects to life. So that we might share stories that can make us feel connected in those moments when we’re broken, resilience in the face of adversity, and agency and imagination to spark something new.