Mike Harrison


Public bio

While working as Production Director at a radio station in the New York City suburbs, I performed a couple of narrations for a corporate multimedia production agency, which then brought me on board as in-house narrator and Audio Producer. For a broad variety of Fortune 500 companies, I worked daily with writers, art directors and producers to create corporate identity pieces, product launches, training modules and national sales meetings. My ability to understand their very often technical and/or jargon-laden scripts and convey them in a fluent, conversational tone was so appreciated by clients that they rarely attended narration recording sessions.

After co-founding a small advertising agency, the radio commercials I wrote, voiced, and produced aired scores of times weekly on the highest rated New York City stations.

A return to corporate communications had me again voicing and producing audio tracks, plus frequently co-directing video post sessions. In early 2008, I spent a week in the studio of a European speech technology company, recording random passages that would be later dissected and stored as fragments for enabled devices (such as GPS) to assemble on-the-fly into coherent, human-sounding speech. In the 2015 BBC Radio 4 documentary "JD Salinger's Spiritual Quest," I provided the voice of the enigmatic author.

Samples of my abilities are available on my website.