Michelle Cove

Brookline, Massachusetts, United States


Michelle Cove is the founder and Executive Director of MEDIAGIRLS (www.mediagirls.org), a nonprofit that teaches girls how to create content that's empowering for girls. She is also the director and a producer of the award-winning documentary Seeking Happily Ever After, distributed digitally by Lionsgate and available on iTunes and On-Demand (www.seekinghappilyeverafter.com) She is the author of Seeking Happily Ever After: Navigating the ups and downs of being single without losing your mind (Penguin, 2010), which is based on 3 years of research for the doc, and the co-author of national bestseller I'm Not Mad, I just Hate You!: a new understanding of mother-daughter conflict (Viking, 1999). Michelle has been writing and editing for national magazines for the past 20 years, including Psychology Today, Mother Earth News, Girls' Life and Family Fun. Michelle is currently in production for her second documentary: One and only, an intimate look inside the lives of only children. Given that one-child families are the fastest-growing family type in the U.S., it's time we get to better understand this "new traditional family." Her book I LOVE MONDAYS: And other confessions from devoted working moms will be out in Fall 2012 (Seal/Perseus).