Will Kreth


Public bio

Director/producer/founder - MediaGroove LLC - Into story (by every medium necessary) - reconnecting w/ the awesome power of music via my x-media documentary film/eBook: "Get It All Out" ( a tale of a long-lost songbook brought back to life after 30 years. A celebration of the humanity of the musician/poet John H. Creighton Jr. and the DNA-like power of melody to survive in the hearts of both those who make it and those who hear it, decades after first coming into the world. Cross- / interactive media director & producer; bespoke career path across the US since 1983 (in order): public access TV; indie music soundman; audio post for film/video; early multimedia; interactive TV; magazine publishing; web content; broadband services; cable TV and back to interactive TV. (e.g.- Apple Multimedia Lab, PF Magic, Wired, HotWired, Prodigy, Road Runner, Time Warner, Showtime Networks).