Public bio

Markie Hancock is a documentary filmmaker working in New York City. She has produced documentary films on issues of religion and LGBTQ identities, race and education, artists and their art. Her most recent documentary, "Feral Love" explores the intersection of excellence and eccentricity through the life of Dorian Rence.  Dorian cares for a feral cat colony while performing wth the New York Philharmonic.  It is beginning its Fall 2016 Film Festival roll out.  "Queers in the Kingdom" looks at LGBTQ survivors of Christian colleges. "Born Again" examines her own evangelical upbringing and the difficulty of being lesbian and an unbeliever. Documentaries around race and education include "40 Years Later: Now Can We Talk?" (the documentary unites a 1964 Mississippi high school class that never talked about the inherent racial prejudice of their daily classroom and school life) and "Off Track: Classroom Privilege for All" (the film follows an un-tracked class at Montclair High School which is also fully integrated unlike the tracked classes.) In addition she directed "Exclusions & Awakenings: The Life of Maxine Greene" about the preeminent 20th century American philosopher of education, Maxine Greene.
Making documentaries is, for Hancock, a way to explore, engage and confront worlds that are opened up to her through the act of filmmaking.