Manuel Rueda

Bogota, Colombia


I´m a freelance journalist and documentary maker, based in Bogota, Colombia. I made four short (4 to 6 minutes) documentaries for CurrentTV last year, and I´m looking forward to working with new television channels this year. Currently planning a 3 to 5 minute video on multinational energy corporations and human rights issues for an international news network. In medium term I´d like to propose 10 to 15 minute films for current affairs TV series like "people and power" on Al-Jazeera, or the BBC´s "panorama" that sort of thing. In the longrun would like to work on a feature documentary, once I find a topic I am passionate about. I´m interested in issues like the "war on drugs", conflicts over natural resources and the survival of indigenous peoples, social movements, the global economic order and new alternatives. I also like to do stories about cultural issues (ie carnivals, popular festivals, boxers, salsa dancers) and whatever the topic, I try to do observational, character based stories that transmit some sort of feeling of hope.