Nyneve Laura Minnear

Brooklyn, New York, United States


“(T)ERROR”, 84mins, ep Eugene Jarecki, dir(s) David Felix Sutcliffe, Lyric Cabral www.terrordocumentary.org 
WINNER – SUNDANCE 2015 SPECIAL JURY AWARD for Breakout First Feature
The inside story of ******, an active domestic counterterrorism informant for the FBI. Filmed on the ground, it captures the dramatic unraveling of the former Black Panther’s 20-year career with the Bureau after the target of his investigation, an American who converted to Islam, realizes he’s being set up. Sundance Edit Lab Fellow June 2014.

Consulting Editor • Additional Writer
“THE ILLUSIONISTS”, 85mins, dir. Elena Rossini, www.theillusionists.org 
Multi-billion dollar industries saturate our lives with images of unattainable beauty, exporting body hatred from New York to Beirut to Tokyo. Their target? Women, and increasingly men and children. The Illusionists turns the mirror on media, exposing the absurd, sometimes humorous, and shocking images that seek to enslave us. Premiere 2015

Editor • Writer
“FOR YOU WERE ONCE STRANGERS”, 85mins, dir. Ruth Berdah Canet, www.foryouwereoncestrangers.com                          The intimate and dramatic story of a fracture in Israeli society as their government threatens to deport 700 South Sudanese refugees, survivors of the largest genocide since the Holocaust. Premiere 2015 

Editor • Co-Producer • Co-Writer
“GIRL WITH BLACK BALLOONS”, 59mins, dir. Corinne van der Borch, www.girlwithblackballoons.com                                           WINNER - DOCNYC 2011 GRAND JURY PRIZE. An elderly artist and resident of the famed Chelsea Hotel for the past 40 years, Bettina has a body of work worthy of MOMA that has never left her studio. The filmmaker attempts to unveil the life of one of New York’s last true eccentrics. World premiere: Edinburgh Film Festival 2010, chosen “Best of Fest”. Opening night: IFC-Stranger Than Fiction series Fall 2011. 

Editor • Co-Producer • Co-Writer
“THE LULU SESSIONS”, 84mins, dir. S. Casper Wong, www.thelulusessionsfilm.com
WINNER – 6 BEST DOC, EMERGING FILMMAKER AND AUDIENCE AWARDS. Lulu is a cancer research scientist diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and this is an unlikely love story with her best friend, Casper, who films the last fifteen months of her life. PBS-America ReFramed 2014-2015. International Festival circuit from Cambridge and Paris to as far as Taiwan and India. Official U.S. screenings as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Editor • Producer
DAN RATHER REPORTS for HDnet, 26 Episodes, 12 mins to one hour, 2009-2013 Weekly one-hour investigative news magazine series. Highlights include:Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award 2011: “Price of an Afghan Bride”
“21 leaders for the 21st Century” - Women’s eNews Ida B. Wells Award 2011 for “Pornland” Front Page Awards 2010 (Newswomen’s Club of NY), Television-In-Depth Reporting: “Pornland Television-Feature: “Price of an Afghan Bride”
NIHCM Foundation Journalism Award Finalists 2011: “Addicted to Antibiotics” and “Mini-Meds”