Lisandra I. Rivera

Quito, Ecuador

Film Projects


Co-director/co-producer of documentary feature with Manolo Sarmiento of: “La muerte de Jaime Roldós” (Ecuador/Argentina,2013) and "Problemas Personales" (Ecuador, 2002).

General Coordinator for: DOCTV Latinoamerica, IV edition (2013-2014)  www.doctvlatinoamerica.org DOCTV is a program that supports the production and broadcasting of Latin American documentaries. It is an initiative of the Conferencia de Autoridades Cinematograficas de Iberoamerica "CACI" (Conference of Cinematographic Authorities of Ibero-America) and the Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano “FNCL" (Foundation of New Latin American Cinema). Its objective is to organize a contest in the countries that belong to the program in order to select and support one documentary project per country. DOCTV, which was inspired by a similar program in Brazil, is a pioneer model for the co-production, television broadcasting and distribution of documentaries, functioning under the concept of a network operation. Its basic objectives are to stimulate cultural and economic exchange among the people of Latin America; to promote the establishment of integrated public policies that encourage the production and broadcasting of television documentaries in the region countries, and to promote the cultural production of the people of Latin America in the world market. RED DOCTV is a strategic alliance of audiovisual authorities and public television channels from Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Founder/programming team: Festival Internacional de Cine Documental "Encuentros del Otro Cine" / EDOC since 2002 in QUITO-ECUADOR www.festivaledoc.org

Our festival features around 80-100 documentary films each year. Past guest have included Albert Maysles, Patricio Guzman, Fernando "Pino" Solanas, Ross McElwee, Nino Kirtadze, Eugenio Polgovsky, Andrei Paounov, Evaldo Mocarzel, Joseph Morder, Jay Rosenblatt, Natalia Almada, Javier Corcuera and Gonzalo Arijon among others. Some of the retrospectives that we have presented include the works of Jean Rouch, the Maysles brothers, Avi Mograbi, Johan van der Keuken, Ross McElwee, Sergei Loznitsa, Nicolas Philibert, Patricio Guzman and Joaquim Jorda  and Victor Kossakovsky.