Lendita Zeqiraj

Prishtina, Kosovo


1994 graduated in the Branch of Painting at the Academy of Arts in Pristina 1994 she made Music Videos 1997 she post-graduated at the Academy of Arts in Pristina 2001 she started her studies of Film Aesthetics at the University Paris VIII in Paris 2002 she had an individual exhibition in Art Gallery “Le Lys” in Paris, France 2002 she took place at exhibition “une fenêtre sur Balkans” at Art Gallery “le Lys”, in Paris, France 2002 she co-writes and co-directs a short film “EXIT” 2003 wins a Grand Prix Award for film “EXIT” at Film Festival “5 Jours tout court” in Caen, France 2003 participates at Milano Film Festival in Italy 2003 participates at Ankara International Film Festival in Turkey 2003 participates at International Short Film Festival Oberhousen in Germany 2003 wins Award for Best Short Film at Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival 2003 participates at the Europian Short Film Festival Stuttgart Ludwigsburg in Germany 2003 participates at Ismailia International Film Festival for Dokumentary and Short Films in Cairo, Egypt 2003 participates at Alternativa Indipendent Film Festival of Barcelona in Spain 2004 participates at Festival Univ’Art’Cité in Paris, France 2004 participates at Festival de Bulogne in Italy 2004 wins a Best Albanian Film Award at Tirana International Film Festival in Albania 2004 participates at Short Film Days in Diyarbakir, Turkey 2004 participates with her film at evenement culturel Kosovar in L’ile-Saint-Denis, France 2005 she co-writes and co-directs a feature-length film “EXIT” 2005 wins an Award for Best Cinematography at New York International Film Festival 2005 wins a Best Cinematography at Los Angeles International Film Festival 2006 participates at the Bradford Film Festival in England 2007 wins a Special Jury Award at Nile International Film Festival in Cairo, Egypt 2007 participates at Programme de la Frat’ in Lausanne, Swiss 2008 participates at Balkan Snapshots Film Festival of Amsterdam in Netherlands 2008 participates at Kosovar Culture Week in Zagreb, Croatia 2009 writes, produces and directs the documentary films for a Worldwide Film Production