Richard Clark

Wellington, New Zealand


. . . a Resume, of sorts Timeline - Born Wellington 1943, Moved to Sydney ‘64, New York ‘87, Venice Beach 1990 & New Zealand 2006 . . Career – milk run, paper delivery, lawn mowing, interior decorating, public servant, men’s wear, wool store worker, dock worker, process worker, bean picker, hitchhiker, timber worker, assistant underwater welder, kitchen hand, ditch digger, editing room assistant, assistant film editor, film editor, film company owner, ocean yacht master, film innovator, film consultant, advertising film editor, feature film editor, film director, father, husband, wine grower, bottle washer, radio show host, film maker, photographer, writer . . . Memorabilia – ran hundreds of miles as a kid, 1965 - hitchhiked 12500 miles around Australia, first marriage, 1971 - started The Kiwi Film Company, sailed, Australian Editor of the Year, twice, won multiple awards at FACTS, AWARD, Cannes, New York, Clio Festivals, for both editing and directing, including Clio Hall of Fame, moved to Madison Avenue, sailed, won awards at Cannes, New York, London film festivals, divorced, 1987 - moved to New York, second marriage, moved to Venice Beach, started editing company at Venice Beach, went broke, joined Hollywood, sailed, won awards at Cannes, New York, Directors Guild of America, selected for Permanent Collection, Art and Craft of Advertising, Museum of Modern Art, New York, represented in Clio Hall of Fame, included 10 Best Ads of All Time, Australia, 2007. 1998 - created Richard Clark’s kiwicafe.com at Venice Beach, divorced for last time, went Searching for Zane Grey’s America, found myself. Have now embraced my love of Digital Film Making, Leica Photography and Essay Writing. 2006 – moved to NZ, restored a Vineyard started a radio show, embraced photography. 2008 – edited 5 films in NZ. 2009 – editing a quirky indie feature while working on my own feature length doc and a few shorter projects, the journey continues . . . Richard Clark film | fotography | filosophy NZ & US & . . . http://kiwicafe.blogspot.com/