Juliet Snowden

Los Angeles, California, United States


HOLLYWOOD HAIR directed by Juliet Snowden

Watch here: http://vimeo.com/43319967.


Thirty years ago, Tony Morales opened his hair salon on Hollywood Boulevard with dreams of catering to the rich and famous, instead he became a father figure to the many bit actors, outsiders, and runaways who had come to Los Angeles in hopes of a better life. HOLLYWOOD HAIR tells the story of an unlikely 'family' that exists in the shadows of the world's most famous boulevard. Shot in stark black and white as a contrast to the typical glamorized images of Hollywood, this offbeat film shows a very real and unforgettable side of Tinseltown that most have never seen.

Hollywood Hair trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT9QFUuzSdk

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* Critics Award Best Feature Film - Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2013

* Jurors Award Best Documentary - Durango Independent Film Festival 2013

* Official Selection - New Orleans Film Festival 2012

* Official Selection - Sheffield Videotheque 2012

Juliet Snowden is the screenwriter of KNOWING, THE POSSESSION, OUIJA, and BOOGEYMAN. She has been a member of the Writers Guild of America West since 2002.