Jeff Schwartz

New York, New York, United States


Jeff Schwartz has been a Producer/Director/Cameraman for over 30 years. He has worked in nearly every genre including news, documentaries, entertainment, "behind the scenes", education, advertising, corporate communications, public relations and marketing. In 1982, he started PrimaLux Video Inc. a full-service video production company located in New York City, where he is currently based. Jeff has written and produced a number of short documentaries, public relations and fund raising videos across the country including Streetworks, an outreach program about homeless youth in Minnesota; Zone Based Advocacy, a program which helps prevent domestic violence and helps victims understand their options in Pittsburgh; An Achievable Dream, a school program which offers impoverished children a year-round academic, social and moral education in Virginia; Hope For Veterans, a program which provides transitional housing and psychiatric services for homeless veterans in New Jersey; Family Eviction Prevention, a program that prevents homelessness by providing rental assistance to families to stave off eviction and find permanent homes in San Francisco. He recently completed "GIVE ME A SHOT OF ANYTHING: HOUSECALLS TO THE HOMESLESS", his first feature length documentary. This is a film that follows Boston street doctor Jim O’Connell and his team as they make house calls to the homeless, delivering life saving medical care, offering their patients hope and a chance to feel whole again.