Javier Campos López

San Jose, California, United States


I have just moved from Mexico City to San José California. I been working in the audiovisual industry in Mexico for 20 years. I have edited 17 documentary feature films, in addition to a handful of Mexican television series. All of these films have been shown in festivals around the world including TRIBECA, TIFF, FIDOCS Chile, Antenna Sydney, DOKfest Muchen, and HOTDOCS Toronto. My most recently released film, “The Guardian of Memory”, won the 2020 Ariel Award for Best Documentary Feature (the Ariels is the Mexican equivalent of the Academy Awards).

I graduated with a degree in Communications in 2002, but I had been fascinated by cinema from a very young age. As a kid I rented bootleg Betamax tapes of Hollywood hits from a neighbor in my small town outside of Mexico City. In documentary cinema, I discovered the potential of editing to construct arguments and messages with attention to emotional and aesthetic connection with viewers. While documentary film generates conversations that can lead to concrete change regarding the problems that afflict our societies, it is also a tool for collective reflection that preserves the historical memory of individuals.