Jason Vaughn


Public bio

I would be interested in any subjects from artistic to political to experimental - I'm passionate about using visuals to tell a story and I'm looking to use that passion to help a filmmaker complete their project. About me: I discovered professional photography about 8 years ago, and have fallen in love with photography as a career. It has taken me some time to find out what my direction will be, but I feel like photojournalism and documentary-style photography are what I find most enjoyable and where I feel my skills really shine. I like to be involved with lengthy projects that help tell a story or raise awareness of an under-represented subject, projects that introduce an audience to something new. Since being a professional photographer, I have participated in many gallery shows including a one-man debut show in downtown Los Angeles. I have been featured in various magazines, most often for music photography but also for fine art. I have shot on a movie set, traveled to Africa and Europe to photograph, and met many incredible people. But more importantly, as I started to work on personal projects in depth, I found that I get the best outcome when I'm able to spend time really delving into a project. This is my main reason for wanting to get involved with documentaries - I believe the attitude towards a documentary subject is similar to the level of investment I have in my subjects. I'm willing to travel nationwide or even internationally with the right, inspiring project.