Jarrod Whaley

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States


I began my filmmaking life with a focus on narrative and/or experimental projects, though somewhat recently I have found myself falling into a number of exciting documentary projects and have started to shift my attention into that direction. From the first shot of my first documentary project, I eased immediately (almost as if it were fated that I do so) into a very Direct-Cinema-inspired, visually-oriented style which has subsequently begun to find its way into my narrative projects as well. I supplement my admittedly (at the moment, at least) meager filmmaker's income with whatever else I can dig up: Web design, potboiler videography, the odd PSA or television commercial for local broadcast, etc. I have no soul-crushing "day job," and despite the financial uncertainty that comes with that, I'm very happy with that arrangement. I live alone. Actually, not quite: my roommate and business partner is a very shrewd cat named Turkey.