Asar Imhotep


Public bio

Asar Imhotep / The Black Lotus is a Poet, Music Producer, Historian, Lecturer, Software Developer and co-founder of MOCHA Urban Hang Suite ( – internet magazine, web and graphic design company). Black Lotus has been featured and has produced many poetry showcases in the Houston area and the country at large. He was the 2002 Def Poetry Radio Slam winner and has opened & hosted for the Def Poets tour. He is currently working on his first documentary film, Poet-Trees and Grass-Roots: The unSpoken Word In Poetry, and his own poetry album entitled “SOULestial Voyage.” His poetry has been sought out in the halls of academia to accompany and enhance lectures on African history and philosophy. The Black Lotus also lectures with subjects such as, “African Spirituality and The Matrix, Stolen Legacy, Are You Out of Your African Mind: You’re More African Than You Think, & What’s In A Name: The Meaning of Kemet.” His passion for cultural anthropology, philosophy, spirituality, film, music, history, technology and science brings a unique perspective & flare to the realm of spoken word and African historiography. He is also a proud active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - Eta Mu Chapter the University of Houston - Spring 02