Scott Kecken

Culver City, California, United States


Scott has been producing and directing narrative and documentary films for the past twelve years. In 1997, he formed The Film Foundry with his partner, Joy Lusco. Their first collaboration, Louisville, screened at over thirty festivals and won eleven awards and aired on BET, PBS and Showtime. In 1999, he received the Individual Artist Award in Filmmaking from the Maryland State Arts Council. His work on Baltimore's horse-and-wagon produce hucksters, We Are Arabbers, was awarded production grants from the Maryland Humanities Council and Maryland State Arts Council. Shot and edited on digital video by Scott, the documentary was completed in Fall 2004. In between projects, he and his partner Joy released a second award-winning narrative short, Woman Hollering Creek. Scott is is co-founder of Baltimore's first media co-operative, Creative Alliance movie makers (CAmm). With his wife, Scott co-directed the third episode of the last season of "The Wire". In 2008, Scott moved with his family to Los Angeles.