Frances Causey


Public bio

Frances Causey, Director/Producer, a seasoned investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker, has emerged as a citizen-activist, fusing her media skills with a commitment to contribute to the restoration of people-based democracy in the United States. Frances's latest feature documentary, The Long Shadow, tells the long-buried truth of the connections between Southern history and national politics to the racial strife and economic imbalances in America today. During her 14-year career with CNN, Frances moved up the ranks to become producer, and was a senior member of a team honored with News and Documentary Emmys for team coverage of both the Olympic Park and Oklahoma City bombings in 1995 and 1996. Frances has produced several documentary films including the award-winning The Wendell Scott Story. Frances was recently honored with the Women's International Film and Television Jury Award for her work on HEIST. Frances is a member of the Board of Directors for the non-profit Arizona Center for Investigative Journalism and a blogger for Huffington Post.