Elisa Bonora

Topanga, California, United States


The Italian born editor, Elisa Bonora began her career at the Albedo Film School in Milan, where she worked on 35mm, 16mm, tape, and non-linear editing projects. Elisa later moved to Los Angles where she continued her studies in editing at USC. Shortly after, she began her professional career as an editor, cutting commercials for Red Car Editorial, under two acclaimed directors, Joe Pytka and Larry Bridges. After experiencing success in commercials, Elisa independently opened her own Post Production Company, Us2 Editorial, where she worked on prestigious campaigns for Pepsi, Apple, Nike, Sony, Hallmark, Levi's, Gap, Marlboro, and Blue Cross. While working on these campaigns she collaborated with prominent directors including Tony Kaye, Marcus Nispel, Anthony Hoffman, Tony Scott, David Cornel, and Paul Gerout. Elisa was praised for her unrivaled strengths in dialogue and storytelling, winning her several advertising awards including the Golden Lion at Cannes in 1997. In 2002, her long format career began when Oliver Stone requested her to cut "COMANDANTE," a feature length documentary on Fidel Castro and Cuba. The success of "COMANDANTE" led Elisa to work with Canadian photographer, Gregory Colbert, on his well-known art film, "ASHES AND SNOW," in 2005, on which she collaborated with award winning editor, Pietro Scalia. Once Elisa's long format career had taken off she refurbished a vintage 1968 Airstream RV on a two-acre property in Topanga Canyon State Park, where she houses her off line editing system and Post Production Company, Airstream Film. The company is dedicated exclusively to long format editing although she continues to freelance on advertising projects. Her first project under Airstream Film was the award winning and Emmy nominated film "NO SUBITLES NECESSARY:LASZKO AND VILMOS" in 2008 directed by James Chressanthis, the story of two brilliant cinematographers immigrating to the US and the birth of the American New Wave film movement of the 70s. Immediately following, she worked an other project "22 YEARS FROM HOME" which she wrote and edited. The documentary tells the story of the return of one of the "lost children of Sudan." Just weeks later Elisa was approached again by Oliver Stone to work on his acclaimed documentary "SOUTH OF THE BORDER," which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2009. IN 2010 Elisa worked on "THIS SPACE AVAILABLE" a documentary she edited and co-wrote with director Gwenaë Gobé about how billboards and commercial messages have come to dominate our public space. The documentary premiered in 2011 at the New York Documentary Festival. Elisa also cut "RISING FROM ASHES", a documentary narrated and executive produced by Forest Whitaker about Rwanda's first ever National Cycling team and the award winning "H2O" about first time professional stand up paddling athletes trip to Indonesia. In 2012 Elisa worked as one of the editors on the documentary-film directed by Gabriela Copperwhite "BLACK FISH"- a film about the horror behind the scenes of Sea World, selected for Sundance Film Festival 2013 And short listed for the 2014 Oscars. She also co-produced and collaborated with some of the editing of the film "BRAVE MISS WORLD," directed by Cecilia Peck, the story of Miss World 1998 and her mission to reach out to victims of rape. Since June 2012 Elisa has dived into the 1200 hours dailies editing of "GLEN CAMPBELL…I 'LL BE ME " directed by James Keach and produced by Trevor Albert and James Keach, the story about the Glen Campbell Good Bye Tour since his diagnose with Alzheimer's. The film premiered at the Nashville Film festival in April 2014 and won the Grand Jury Prize. Elisa Bonora is a versatile editor and one of the few that has the ability to move effortlessly between long and short form editing. Additionally, she speaks four languages fluently - English, Italian, French, and Spanish. Her notable awards include: The Best of 1991 Advertising Age Award, The Advertising Women Achievement Award for Consumer Television in 1996, and '98, and the Golden Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.