Ed Bair

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


I have been involved with documentaries on the Post side. Until recently I was an audio engineer and post facility owner. I owned Bair Tacks in New York and BT Post in Atlanta. I worked on "Blue Helmets" for Pacific Street Films, a number of documentaries with scores by Jazz violinist Jason Hwang, the music for "Eyes on the Prize" by Wendy Blackstone, "Sink or Swim" by Sue Friedrich, the Marc Ribot's score for Lisa Rinzler's "Death by Unnatural Causes", projects for Jim Herbert of R.E.M. fame, "Brats,"  a doc about military kids, "The Breast Cancer Dairies" and others. I have recorded many musicians, including Jon Spencer, The Silos and The B-52s. I am also very interested in the technical side of the business, and do all my own wiring, installation and maintenance. I am currently interested in streaming and progressive video for the web, and the creation of web sites that support video playback. I am very eager for discussions of these technologies, and how they could be utilized by documentary filmmakers. And also ideas for how to use these technologies to make money for limited distribution films. With high-speed connections, and current compression technologies, high-quality video playback over the web is now a reality.