Michael Ney

Film Projects

Public bio

Michael Ney (Eagle Spirit Media) is a filmmaker and digital media producer providing services such as producer, director, camera, editor, including ebook, epk and presentations. His personal focus is devoted to the arts and also "Cultural Creatives".

Current project is "Crystal Waters - 30 years on" about the world's first permaculture ecovillage. Other documentaries include "Peace Angels - first steps" a spiritual theatre troupe's event in Sydney, and "Baba's Birthday", about Indian spiritual leader Meher Baba. Website: Crystal Waters - 30 Years On

Filmmaker Community

As well as being a founding member of OZDOX – The Australian Documentary Forum, which held monthly events at the AFC and later AFTRS theatres and other venues, between July 2003 up to now, during the early years Michael maintained the website and email promotions and initiated the video archive of all events and published 30 DVDs of various programs. Website: ozdox.org

Popcorn Taxi was a film industry educational initiative and winner of the AFI Byron Kennedy Award in 2000. Michael initiated the video archiving of their filmmaker Q&A events in Sydney, Australia and was active between 1999 to 2011.

Other Projects

The University of Sydney (Medicine) – director of 2 x 20 minute doco’s presented on CD-ROM

Vincent Ward (director of ‘What Dreams May Come’ and ‘The Navigator’) worked closely with Michael on a 7 minute proof-of-concept trailer for his latest film “River Queen”.

The Making of “Dark Love Story” – feature film by Jon Hewitt and Belinda McClory.

The Making of “Man Conquers Space” – about a yet to be released feature by David Sander.

“Youth Matters” – director of an observational documentary about “kids at risk” in a vocational program at a 5 star hotel in Sydney.