david solomon

Belgrade, Serbia


Director & Cinematographer: Jewish Village*,(23mins) Serbia, 2004 (Directed) Simo of Montenegro,(46mins) Serbia, 2006 (Directed & Produced) http://varan.org.yu/video/Simo_trailer_sr.mov Producer: After the War*, Serbia, 2005 http://varan.org.yu/films/AfterTheWar End of School, Serbia, 2005 East of Eden, Serbia, 2005 Alone alone, you should never be alone, Serbia, 2005 Day of Youth*, Serbia,2005(sold to YLE at Thessaloniki Film Festival) Ten Years Later, Serbia, 2005 National Park, Serbia, 2005 Vice President, Ateliers Varan Belgrade 2004-2007: www.varan.yu.org President, Ateliers Varan Belgrade 2007-currently Associate Producer: NHK Japanese Broadcasting Corporation Depleted Uranium: New Evidence, Lingering Doubts* NHK Special. Serbia, Bosnia, 2006 Associate Producer: National Geographic TV: Situation Critical/ Darlow Smithson Downed Pilot, Serbia, Bosnia, 2007, *award-winning